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More Sales with Customer Reactivation Campaigns

Get sales from former customers, prospects, and leads with our proven Customer Reactivation Campaigns.

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What is a Customer Reactivation Campaign?

A Customer Reactivation Campaign, or often referred to as Database Reactivation Campaign, is a way to reactivate past prospects/leads and former customers.

Most businesses, like your own, have a list of former prospects and leads who have inquired about services but never pulled the trigger for some reason. In addition, all businesses have former customers who have purchased and unfortunately haven’t been back for awhile.

What does that mean for your business? It means you’re sitting on a goldmine of opportunity.

Brand Awareness

90% of the time, the contacts are already aware of your business whether they’ve done business with you before or not. They’ve reached out for one reason or another.

Higher Response Rates

Since they’re aware of you, there’s a higher likelihood of them responding to an offer you send them vs. someone who has no idea your business exists.

Fast Results

Customer Reactivation Campaigns are proven to provide fast results because we’re utilizing your existing contact information and not relying on ads to drive business.

How easy is this?

It’s a straight forward process really.

All you do is send a short series of text messages and emails to your intended target list with a brand new offer from your business. If you have a great offer, you will be flooded with conversations from people on your target list.

Image this: We start a campaign today at 10:00AM and by 5:00PM, you have 20, 30, or more new conversations started. What would that do for your business and bottom line?

The Key To Success: The Offer

The key to a successful Customer Reactivation is the offer. You need to offer something that your list wants to buy! You should already have a pretty good idea of what they want since they’ve reached out before!

Remember, the more irresistible and compelling your offer is, the more responses you’re going to see.

Benefits of Customer Reactivation Campaigns

Highly Configurable

Our campaigns are highly configurable. We work with you to create your industry specific Customer Reactivation Campaign that will drive new sales and reignite past leads.

No Ad Spend

Yes, we said it. No need for complex Facebook/Google ads. Same for complicated funnels. We keep it simple and effective: text and email.

High Return-on-Investment (ROI)

Since customers and leads are already aware of your brand and offerings, a customer reactivation campaign can provide an ROI higher than Cheech & Chong.

Stack Those Wins

Our Customer Reactivation Campaigns can help you stack wins (and dollars) quickly. Our bespoke campaigns can be up and running in as little as 72 hours.

Ready To Get Started?

Let’s turn that stale list into fresh sales.

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